Larry's Lament 2/19/18

Unconditional Love

Let’s take a moment out of our busy lives and reflect on the fact that when we think about something that is all we do is think, there is no action taken as we think. If all we do is think about something nothing ever gets accomplished and more often that not the problem gets worse. How many times people have taken a suggestion and responded with “Let me think about that”?
 The result is nothing changes because all they did was think. Recovery, requires a combination of thought and action but most of all it’s action. We can think about don’t the next right thing but until we actually do it, there will be no change. I have worked with people that have told me that they think their way through their problems and the only question I ask them is “How is that working for you because the you still have the problem”.
 If you are unwilling to take the action that is suggested of you, then maybe you aren’t ready for recovery yet because you don’t “think” that your problem is that bad. Recovery, from whatever ails you, requires that you take the prescribed action in order to rid yourself of the problem or at least get a daily reprieve. Some people feel that they can think their way into a new way of living but it won’t work unless there followed by action.
The principle of the day is “unconditional love”- to love without condition or reservation. In recovery, we are shown what this truly means. Most of us entered recovery, hating ourselves for the damage that we had done and the pain we had caused those around us especially our intimates. What we were shown was that we were loved no matter what we did. We found it hard to understand being loved like that because we had probably never thought that we were worthy of it. Some of us thought that no one would ever be capable of living us and were surprised when were shown it. I can remember a time when I didn’t think my parents loved me or even cared about me for that matter and when I got into some really serious emotional trouble, they were there before I could look up. I fact, my dad made the appointment for us to go see a doctor and he explained to the doctor that emotional problems, especially depression, ran through my family, to say the least I was shocked. The program people love us unconditionally from the moment we get here because after hearing our story, they told us that they would love us until we could learn to love ourselves and this after they had heard what we had done. Unconditional love is all around us, sometimes we just need someone to explain what we are seeing.
Have a safe day, stay clean, stay sober and stay strong. 


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