Larry's Lament 03/03/2018

Larry’s Lament 03/03/2018
Let’s take a moment out of busy lives and reflect on the fact that life is full of distractions, both good and bad but we have to remember to remain focused on what we are trying to do. It can be anything from a person walking into the room and robbing us of our train of thought to an event that distracts us to the point that we stop paying attention to what is important in our lives.
In recovery, in order to be successful, we have to be able to move past the momentary distractions remaining focused on the end result without becoming over-whelmed by it all. These distractions don’t necessarily have to be a bad thing; they can be such things as getting a promotion at work, anything that may take us away from our singleness of purpose for being in recovery. Without out recovery, we have little or nothing and would be no good to anyone, so we have to adjust to whatever is going on in our lives and at the end of the day bring our focus back to the one thing that makes everything else possible.
The principle of the day is “humility”- a clear recognition of what and who we are, followed by sincere attempt to become what we could be.
In recovery, one of the first things that we realize is that we have no idea who we really are, we have lost our identity to our addiction. As we work our way through the steps, what and who we are, start to become very clear to us. Simply stated we are addicts/alcoholics who have been controlled by our drug of choice. We also learn that we are not who we thought we were, we are not the person we are afraid we are, we are good people who have, while under the influence, done some regrettable things but that is not a true reflection of the person we are today or the person we are striving to become. Humility is self-awareness and the discipline it takes to change who we were into what we could be.
Have a safe day, stay clean, stay sober and stay strong. Larry.


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